Believing that top of the line management tools are expensive, nonprofits tend to rely on old technologies or low-quality software, especially when every dollar has to be allotted wisely. But there are many companies out there that offer their online tools and services for free or with a considerable discount to nonprofits.


The capabilities and usability of this CRM software come in handy in every business and organization. Salesforce offers up to 10 free subscriptions for non-profit organizations which sign up for Salesforce’s Lightning Enterprise Edition. Nonprofits can expand their subscription to The Nonprofit Starter Pack – comprehensive management application that has all of the necessary solutions to manage contacts, track donations and relationships, and engage and communicate with partners.

Salesforce is frequently updated and mobile-friendly.

Cost: Free for 10 subscriptions.

You can download Salesforce brochure for nonprofits here.


Sitecore has been providing website and marketing automation since 2001. Used by the biggest companies around the globe such as Microsoft, Toshiba, and Canon, just to name a few, the company also offers its service for free to nonprofits.

Sitecore considerably simplifies the digital outreach of any organization. The platform lets you collect and analyze visitor data, share and promote causes, interact and engage with contributors, and of course, manage your website content.

Cost: Free

Sitecore brochure for nonprofits


Atlassian has a variety of tools available for businesses and organizations. Nonprofits can simplify their operations by applying for a few useful integrated services:

Jira CORE – a powerful team and project management software.

Confluence – document creation center.

HipChat – comprehensive chat client

Cost: Free for nonprofits. You can apply for a license here.


Insightly is a very popular and easy-to-use CRM platform. Although Insightly is excellent at contact management, the platform is not as comprehensive when it comes to tracking donations. However, you can integrate your Insightly account with QuickBooks, Mailchimp, TimeCamp, and many other services to squeeze the most out of the platform.

Cost: Free for 2 users and basic subscription, 50% discount for registered nonprofits for all paid subscriptions. There’s an option of 14-day free trial.


CiviCRM is web-based CRM software designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits. It’s free, reliable, and has all of the essentials an organization needs to operate smoothly. CiviCRM lets you manage donor, member, volunteer information, track found-raising events and campaigns, and many more. The software can be integrated with three content management systems: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. CiviCRM is also highly customizable, but it might be complicated and difficult to set it up.

Cost: Free

Google for nonprofits

Google offers a wide variety of tools that help non-profit organizations extend their reach, share information, spread the word, and raise donations.

Google nonprofit bundle includes:

  • Gmail and Google Drive with 30GB of storage
  • Google Ad Grants – $10,000/month grant for advertising on Google
  • YouTube Nonprofit Program
  • Google Earth Outreach
  • Google One Today – useful app for $1/day donations

For better analytic results, you can also integrate your organization’s website with Google Analytics.

Cost: Free for registered non-profit organizations.


Using marketing automation platforms and other tools designed for nonprofits reduces management costs and simplifies operations. Various innovative tools and applications integrated into MAPs help to raise cause awareness across various channels. Add to this their low subscription costs, and you can focus on attracting donors and not chasing and tracking constantly fleeting data.

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